Saturday, October 30, 2010

On My Wish List (7)

On My Wish is hosted by Book Chick City each week. The idea is to spotlight books we have on our wishlists. These are books we really want to read but haven't had the chance to buy yet. They can be old books, new books, books that haven't even released yet, but that you intend to buy when they do. A Mr. Linky is provided so that we can keep up with each others selections each week.

I generally choose three books a week from my wishlist to share with you. Blood on Silk is a book that satisfies my paranormal sensibilities. Memoirs of a Geisha is one I've wanted to read forever, loved the movie. Darkest Edge of Dawn is the second book in an Urban Fantasy series by Kelly Gay.

Blood on Silk (The Awakened by Blood series - Book 1) by Marie Treaner

The debut of a seductive new contemporary series of vampires, lust, and revenge

While in Romania researching historical superstitions, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk comes upon the folk tale of Saloman, a seductive prince staked centuries ago, legends most powerful vampire. Now, in the ruins of a castle crypt, Elizabeth discovers supernatural legends that have come alive. Her blood has awakened him. Her innocence has aroused him. But Elizabeth unleashes more than Saloman's hunger and it's going to unite them in ways neither could have imagined.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

An epic on an intimate scale, Memoirs of a Geisha, takes the reader behind the rice-paper screens of the geisha house to a vanished floating world of beauty and cruelty, from a poor fishing village in 1929 to the decadence of 1940's Kyoto, through the chaos of World War II to the towers of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, where the gray-eyed geisha Sayuri unfolds the remarkable story of her life.

Darkest Edge of Dawn (Charlie Madigan series - Book 2) by Kelly Gay

It takes a strong woman to keep the peace in a city of endless night...

Deep beneath Underground, a cunning bid for power and revenge has begun - one that threatens to make Atlanta the new battleground in the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. The powers of hellish Charbydon have the upper hand after plunging the city into primordial night. And under the cover of darkness, a serial killer targets the most powerful Elysians in the city, the angelic Adonai. For Detective Charlie Madigan and her siren partner Hank, tracking the deadly predators is all in a day's work... but this case will test the limits of their strength and friendship as it draws them into a deadly world of power plays, ancient myths, explosive secrets, and a race against time that risks all Charlie holds dear.

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