Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want To Know

Enquiring Minds Want to Know is a weekly meme hosted by Lori at Dollycas' Thoughts. This great little meme allows your favorite bloggers to share a little bit about themselves every week without giving you personal overload!

I haven't been able to participate the last couple of weeks due to serious time constraints, but I think I'm back on track this week.

Each week bloggers are asked to answer three questions about themselves and a Mr. Linky is provided so we can keep up with each other. Feel free to follow the link to Dollycas' Thoughts and start participating yourself... I'd like to know more about you!

It's week 21!

This weeks questions and my answers:

1.) What is the outside temperature where you are today?

Many of you know that I live in Eastern Kentucky and if you've seen the national weather you may know, we have a huge winter storm bearing down on us. Today is a chilly 32 degrees, but the lows for the next couple of nights are in the single digits... BRRRRR... We are expecting in the neighborhood of 6 inches of snow by morning! (Eke Gads! We'll be in school all summer!)

2.) Do you participate in any special winter sports or hobbies like skiing or snowmobiling, etc.?

We love snow around our house, so our usual winter activities involve some serious sledding and snow man building, but I also love to ice skate, whether it's an indoor or outdoor rink. We used to skate on the ponds around here but we were stupid... it doesn't get cold enough to freeze the ice thick enough. Never take chances like that... (My personal service message for the day... LOL!)

3.) If you had to choose between a week long stay in a mountain lodge with lots of snow, activities, friends, food and beverages or a week alone on a deserted white sand beach with just a bag of books and food and water which would you choose?

It's the mountain lodge for me, with one exception... I'm taking the bag of books along with me LOL! We love to rent cabins in the Smokey Mountains and I've always wanted to go to Aspen or somewhere like that in the winter... snowshoe in Alaska or see the Aurora Borealis.... sooooo I'm a big fan of winter. I like the beach too, just not as much. (P.S. the chalet in this photo really exists and can be rented LOL!)


Jenni Elyse said...

I also love to ice skate. It's so much fun! Good luck with your snow storm!

Claire said...

Wow! SO much snow. I haven't even seen snow before except in movies and pictures, of course.

A snow storm sounds scary. Keep safe! :)

dollycas aka Lori said...

Sorry you are getting so much snow, the weatherman here said that the only state that hasn't had snow this winter is Hawaii! It's gotten up to -1 here so far today.

Stay warm and stay safe!!!