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Review: Mariposa Landing

Mariposa Landing (Angela Dunn series - Book 3) by Margaret Nava

Publication Date: November 2010
Publisher: Belle Bridge Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Christian Fiction
ISBN-13: 9781935661993

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Other books in the series: Egret Cove, and Hummingbird Ridge

Excerpt from Mariposa Landing
Book Trailer: This is the book trailer for the first book in the series, Egret Cove

Synopsis (Book Blurb):

When sixty-ish Angela Dunn left Indiana for the exotic world of south Florida in EGRET COVE she was lonely, aging snowbird with dreams of tropical adventure but no real hope of new passions. Then she met an invigorating group of new friends, got caught up in some gently wild adventures, an fell in love with a worldly Italian named Gilberto. Next, now married, she and Gilberto moved to the wilds of HUMMINGBIRD RIDGE, West Virginia, where they started their married life by raising goats and battling dilemmas that included Angela's health crisis, Gilberto's mysterious lady friend and a loving intervention for Angela's hard-drinking brother, Tony.

Now, in MARIPOSA LANDING, Angela travels to the lovely Gulf coast of Alabama to meet Rebecca, the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption decades ago. With Gilberto's adoring support, Angela becomes the mother (and grandmother) she's always wanted to be, and helps her troubled grandson discover the peaceful road he was meant to travel.

Finally, after years of turmoil and searching, Angela fully embraces the powerful faith and joy she calls the Circle of Life.


Margaret Nava's third book about the indomitable, Angela Dunn is full of hope and new beginnings. Nava's experience as a travel and nature writer is evident in every aspect of the book. Her descriptions of each scene are very vivid and gives the reader a sense of actually seeing the setting in their minds eye. Nava gives us characters that we can identify with and situations that could be a part of our own lives or our next door neighbor's.

Angela was fortunate enough to step out of her hum-drum life in Indiana and travel to South Florida when she is offered a job by her brother, in the first book in the series, Egret Cove. It's here that she meets the love of her life, Gilberto and they begin their life together in the second book Hummingbird Ridge, set in West Virginia. Now, after 40 years Gilberto has found Angela's long lost daughter that she was forced to give up for adoption when she was young. Angela is traveling Mariposa Landing to meet her daughter Rebecca and find out if it's possible for her to be the mother and grandmother she has dreamed of being all her life.

Nava's books about Angela Dunn are very compelling and interesting. Here we have a older woman, who has not had the opportunity to do and be all she wanted to be until later in life. I think Angela's character will really strike a cord with a lot of women who think that life has passed them by and that's there really isn't anything left to hope for. Angela shows that life can be fulfilling at any age if you're willing to take the risks to make it happen.

I really enjoyed the love story of Angela and Gilberto throughout the series and in Mariposa Landing we get to see how much he truly loves her, when he takes it upon himself to find her daughter. His love and support make give Angela the support she needs to overcome her fears and face the daughter she put up for adoption. That's what love is all about. Learning those things that are truly important to your partner and supporting them in all that they do and that really came through in Nava's writing.

I loved Mariposa Landing and I think you will too. It has some Christian influences as Angela is searching for a deeper understanding and faith, but they are not overpowering. The book is short at just over 175 pages and is quick fast paced read. It's great for a weekend curled up in front of the fire or a great beach read.

Mariposa Landing is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

Margaret Nava is a travel writer and novelist who lived in West Virginia for many years. Now based in New Mexico, she's hard at work on her next Angela Dunn novel.

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