Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winners! News! Challenge Updates Feb. 5 - 11

It's that time again! Time for winners, news and challenge updates. This is a weekly post that allows the reader to be a little more informed about what's going on around here! It also allows me to post the winners for the giveaways that have ended during the week and impart any words of wisdom I might have for the week... LOL!


We had five giveaways ending this week. We've got everything from demons to Mr. Darcy! I want to thank everyone for participating. The more people who comment and participate make it possible for me to offer more giveaways. It's a win-win! The prizes will be sent outAn directly from the publishers. I will be notifying the winners later today and the publishers the following week.

Dreaming of Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Winner: Cyn209

A Demon Does it Better by Linda Wisdom
Publisher: Sourecebooks Casablanca
Winners: Lisa Garrett & bn100

Hold Me if You Can by Stephanie Rowe
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca 
Winners: Chris Bails & Proserpine

Affairs of Steak (White House Chef Mystery - Book 5) by Julie Hyzy
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin Group USA)
Winner: Linda Kish

Ghoul Interrupted (Ghost Interrupted - Book 6) by Victoria Laurie
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Winner: Angela/griperang


As many of you know we have been having some issues with posting giveaways and the like on facebook. I've done some research, received some e-mails from some readers and talked to the powers that be at facebook. Unfortunately, we are at an impasse. 

Facebook does not want to accept URLs that include backgrounds or images published by pyzam. Pyzam provides the beautiful background that I use on my blog. I have comments on that background on a daily basis. I love it! The readers love it! Authors and publishers are also very expressive about how it looks. This background is important to me and to my blog and I will not change it because "other" people tend to use pyzam images and services in a less than credible way.

Don't get me wrong! I totally understand facebooks position on the matter, but I do think there is a way to allow my URL without allowing the other troublesome ones, but that's apparently a whole lot of trouble they don't want to go to and I get that, but it still stinks.

What that means for you as a reader and commenter is basically that you won't be able to post giveaways on facebook. Some of them seem to slip by, by accident, but I hate to give credit when everyone does not have the same opportunity. So I have made a few changes to recent giveaways. To get the word out you must use twitter or a blog post. I know that everyone does not have a blog, nor do they use twitter, so if you have other suggestions as to how to post about the giveaway, please leave me a comment and I will consider it.

In light of all that I lowered the amount of giveaway entries for posting on other sites to +5 in order to give those who don't have a blog or use twitter a more even playing field in the giveaways. 

I hope you understand! The way my blog looks and is perceived is very important to me. I want it to be professional and I want it to look good and it does. I just can't see changing it at this point! 

I'll get off my soap box now! Let me know what you think of this mess! LOL!


Here are my challenge updates for this week:

Here is a link to my updated Google Map for the 2012 Where Are You Reading Challenge.

I added four books to the 2012 New Authors Challenge. (18/50   36% Done)

Dawn Greenfield Ireland (Hot Chocolate)
J.F. Lewis (Burned)
Amanda Flower (Murder in a Basket)
William Landay (Defending Jacob)

I added two books to the 2012 Immortal Reading Challenge. (8/20   40% Done)

Burned (Void City - Book 4) by J.F. Lewis (vampire)
Almost Everything (Vampire Princess of St. Paul - Book 3) by Tate Hallaway (vampire)

I added two books to the 2012 Cozy Mystery Challenge. (12/12   100% Done)

Hot Chocolate by Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Murder in a Basket (India Hayes - Book 2) by Amanda Flower

I added eight books to the 150+ Reading Challenge. (35/150  23% Done)

Hot Chocolate by Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Burned (Void City - Book 4) by J.F. Lewis
Almost Everything (Vampire Princess of St. Paul - Book 3) by Tate Hallaway
The Rogue Pirate's Bride (Sons of the Revolution - Book 3) by Shana Galen
Murder in a Basket (India Hayes - Book 2) by Amanda Flower
The Walled Flower (Victoria Square Mystery - Book 2) by Lorraine Bartlett
Defending Jacob by William Landay
A Little Night Magic by Lucy March

I added one book to the 2012 Historical Romance Challenge. (2/12   17% Done)

The Rogue Pirate's Bride (Sons of the Revolution - Book 3) by Shana Galen 

I added one book to the 2012 Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge. (6/48  13% Done) 

Burned (Void City - Book 4) by J.F. Lewis 

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Carol N Wong said...

Hi Debbie,
I enter a lot of contests for books, especially cozies. I really think that to give the bloggers and the non bloggers an equal chance, the best way to go is to "Blog or tweet" for +5 points. I have been trying out a variety of social networks for sharing and the only ones that I am really satisfied with are Twitter and Facebook.

The social networks like Google+ reach a lot of people but they don't give a separate web address to where it is posted. Other social networks are very complicated when it comes to posting and a few just don't reach very many people.

Some bloggers use the Rafflecopers but if they have a entry for bloggers, I have learned that I never win a book from them so I have unscribed.

I love your blog and your reviews are right on. I am wondering if any more readers have other ideas of how to make this fair. If so. please write in the comments.

Thank you for listening,

Your friend,