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The Elven Lords Blogger Hop!

Debbie's Book Bag is really excited to be a part of the Eleven Lords Blog Hop, featuring the seven realms depicted in Kathryne Kennedy's romantic fantasy series. The realm we have the honor of hosting is Terrehame! Kathryne has written a description of the realm and chosen excerpts from her books that mention the realm. I have previously reviewed all of the other books in the series and am very happy to be a part of the hop.

The hop is in honor of the release of the third book in the series: The Lord of Illusion. Readers who follow the blog hop will have a chance to win prizes at each of the seven stops. There is also an even bigger grand prize sponsored by the publisher for those readers who follow the hop and comment on each blog. Check the schedule below in case you missed any of the earlier posts and to see what's coming up next!

Debbie's Book Bag will have two winners: a Grand Prize winner and a runner-up winner, see details at the end of the post!


Elven lady Annanor holds the brown scepter of earth, and her palace is constructed of mud and clay—but the bricks are molded into unusual shapes, and fit together like some mad puzzle. The lords and ladies of the court dress in flamboyant colors, adding a splash of brilliance to the earthen great hall. Golems dash about on errands for the court: spindly creatures of mud and stick waving fans, carrying notes, tripping on flowing trains. Tremors occasionally shake the palace walls, and gentlemen aid the ladies over sudden cracks in the floor.

Excerpts featuring Terrahame, from the Elven Lords Series by Kathryne Kennedy

The magic:

The half-breed spent most of her time absorbed in her tiny golems, creatures that she made from stick and mud with the magic she inherited from Terrahame.

The golems were generally harmless, unable to sustain animation for long with Ann’s weak magic, although they could be a nuisance if she let them, crawling into clothing and pinching sensitive places, poking tiny pointed sticks deep into skin. The soldiers muttered, but did as Ann asked.

The dragons:

She had heard the dragons of the six other sovereignties had different powers associated with their elven lords: the black dragon of Firehame could breathe fire; the blue dragon of Dewhame, lightning; the green dragon of Verdanthame could breathe a mist that grew tangled briars and enormous trees. The silver dragon of Bladehame spat molten metal, the brown dragon of Terrahame emitted a roar that cracked the earth, and the violet dragon of Stonehame could turn anything to stone with his breath.

The Seven Corners of Hell-the center of England, where all of the Elven realms meet:

A maelstrom of 
magic sundered Oxford’s forest, shooting flames into the sky, waves of water, volcanic ash, and colors of green, silver, gold, and lavender sparkles. All seven of the elven lords’ sovereignties met within that mad forest, the conflicting magics resulting in a chaos that Giles and Cecily had barely survived.


“Wait,” said Professor Higley. “This place you asked about earlier.” His finger moved back to the spot not far from Oxford. “It is a forest of wild magic that no sane Englishman would dare enter. I daresay it would be best if you skirted the area entirely.”

“What kind of wild magic?” asked Giles, his attention immediately captivated.

“The locals call it the Seven Corners of Hell.”

“I see. It’s the exact spot where the boundaries of all seven sovereignties meet. I imagine the mingling of those different powers would cause some chaos.”

“Very good.” Professor Higley glanced at Giles as if the class dunce had just proven to be the most brilliant.

“That is the prevailing theory, at least. That water meeting fire, and earth meeting sky, illusion meeting cold metal, et cetera, has created a confluence of energies that constantly battle one another. Indeed, the entire forest appears to shift before one’s eyes, and trees may be replaced with barren desert or a thick mist of clouds or… we have a professor who has studied the phenomenon. And the creatures that occasionally emerge from it.”


The professor shuddered. “No man who has ever entered that forest has come out alive, but we think the creatures who emerge from it may have once been men… horribly disfigured or altered by the wild magic.”


Sourcebooks is sponsoring all of the giveaways in the Eleven Realm Blog Hop and has chosen some really great prizes for each blog.

Debbie's Book Bag will have two winners! One grand prize winner and one runner-up.

The Grand Prize winner will win a fun prize and three signed copies of the books in the Eleven Lords series: The Fire Lord's Lover, The Lady of the Storm and Lord of Illusion

The fun prize designed especially for Terrehame is: A Terra Cotta Bell Chime

The Runner-Up winner will receive all three books in the series (unsigned)! 

~ You must be a GFC or E-mail subscriber to participate!
~ US and Canadian Addresses only!
~ We only have a one week deadline for entries on this one. So make sure you sign up by Midnight EST February 18th.

1. Answer the following question in the comments to be officially entered:

Of the Elven Realms on the Blog Hop so far, which would you most like to visit (check the schedule below to see the blogs that featured the other realms!)?

2. Please fill out the FORM.

Make sure you check out the schedule for posts you might have missed and the next stops on the blog, so you can be entered in the overall grand prize at the final stop Sourcebooks Buzz Blog.

$100 B & N gift card is one of the prizes up for grabs!

Elven Realms Blog Hop Schedule

2/6 “Dewhame”—hosted by Star-Crossed Romance
Grand Prize: Small Desktop Fountain + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)
2/7 “Firehame”—hosted by Books Like Breathing
Grand Prize: Red Candles (battery operated) + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)
2/8 “Dreamhame”—hosted by SOS Aloha
Grand Prize: Pretty Sparkly Make Up + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)
2/9 “Stonehame”—hosted by Book Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf
Grand Prize: Purple Jewelry + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)
2/10 “Bladehame”—hosted by The Royal Reviews
Grand Prize: Sword Letter Opener + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)
2/11 “Terrahame”—hosted by Debbie’s Book Bag
Grand Prize: Terra Cotta Wind Chimes + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)
2/12 “Verdanthame”—hosted by Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell
Grand Prize: Fairy Garden Orament + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)
2/13 Elven Realm Blogger Hop Grand Prize Announcement—hosted by the Sourcebooks Buzz Blog
-Anyone who comments on the other blogs throughout the blogger hop will be eligible for this overall grand prize, too-
Grand Prize: $100 B&N Gift Card + signed copies of all three books in The Elven Lords Series
Runner-up Prize: All three books in The Elven Lords Series (not signed)


booklover0226 said...

I like the way Bladehame sounds. Everyone, men and women, carries a sword; they are meant to be used, too!

I'm a GFC follower.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Book of Secrets said...

It would be Firehame! Warmth and gorgeous red dresses. :)


Myra C said...

I like Dewhame, ruled by the blue sceptor of sea and sky!

GFC Myra C

Carol L. said...

Like Myra I also would say Dewhame. For me it would be the first choice.
And being a Pisces adds to it. :)GFC--Lucky47
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

JeanMP said...

I would visit Firehame, find it the most intriguing.
GFC follower JeanP
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Lexi said...

Bladehame would be a must stop, just to check out the men =) But for beauty I am drawn to Dewhame, waterfalls, lush plant life, fountains, and beautiful dresses at court. Maybe full of some sneaky elves, but they also have the best dragon. How could I not visit there?!?!

As for the excerpt...creatures? Can't wait to check that out!

eyesofblueice (at) gmail (dot) com

Renee said...

It would have to be Bladehame for the men and the beautiful women. Of course, I would get to be beautiful too, if only for a little while. Can I stay?

Glittergirl said...

It would be Bladehame for me. I'm a sucker for a brawny warrior with a blade, expecially if he's wearing a kilt ;-)
glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

Shadow said...

I want to visit them all! ;) But if i have to choose one, id want to visit Dewhame. It sounds so pretty, and its alot like the paradise i want. lol I definitely love all the beauty, the plants, waterfalls and gorgeous gowns at court. ;) hehe

Alyssa said...

I think after reading about them, I would like to visit all of them. If only one, then I might aim for Bladehame. I've always loved the strong female warrior, and would love to see all of the enchanted swords.

Shadow said...

i forgot to let you know, im a GFC follower- shadow_kohler, and an email subscriber. thanks!

Mindy said...

I'd LOVE to visit Dewhame (if I couldn't visit all of them!)
I'm a GFC follower.

Mindy :)

Pat Cochran said...

As other commenters have mentioned, I
would like to visit all but will choose

Pat Cochran

Chelsea B. said...

I'm going to say Dreamhame-- though I would like to tour them all ;-)


Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Hello Debbie and all her terrific readers! It's great to be here today!

Hi Booklover0226! I adore the reason for your choice!

Hi Diana! Great choice as well, especially if you love red. :}

Hi Myra! It would be cool and soothing to live there.

Hi Carol! Born under the water sign, I understand your choice!

Hi Jean! Hmm, maybe cause of Dominic? ;}

LOL, Lexi! All good reasons. And the wild magic is going to affect Giles more personally than he could imagine!

Hi Renee! Absolutely! Love your reasons. :}

Hi glittergirl! Sorry, no kilts...just pointed ears. :}

Hi Shadow! I live in the desert, so would definitely love to visit Dewhame a while too.

Hi Mindy! I'm like you, I'd like to visit them all.

Hi Pat! It's interesting that Dewhame appears so popular. I'm learning for you all! :}

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Whoops! Hi Chelsea, I just missed ya! Dreamhame would be lovely, I think, where you could make an illusion of anything you could imagine.

Heather said...

I would visit Terrehame as it sounds most down to earth.

bn100 said...

I would have to say Dewhame. It sounds like a very nice place.


Julianne said...

I'd like to most visit Stonehame. I love purple and this is the place for me! It would be so neat to see the palace.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

In Julie's Opinion said...

I would want to visit Bladehame because I love the thought of lots of hot men and tough women, all carrying blades!! Thanks so much for the giveaway! I'd love to win a copy of these books :)

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Very nice play on words, Heather. :}

Hi bn100! Thank you for commenting!

Hi Julianne! I would love to see a palace made of amethyst for real, cause it's fabulous in my mind. :}

Hi Julie! Nice choice...and good luck!

It's been fun reading all of your choices, ladies! Thanks a million for hosting me here today, Debbie. I've had a great time! See you all tomorrow at our next stop! Magically Yours, Kathryne

Bakuchiku said...

I would want to visit Terrahame because I really want to see those little golems, they sound so cute.


(Although I'm an email subscriber using the name xiaopandaTW)

justpeachy36 said...

Thanx for stopping by Kathryne!

It was a pleasure to be a host for the event!

This is such a great series to introduce my readers to!

Carol M said...

Dewhame sounds like a place I would enjoy visiting!

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy visiting them all.

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

I would say Dreamhame because everything keeps changing. I would visit them all though :)

I am subscribed by email.

brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

Jennifer Mathis said...

Dreamhame cause it would be so different all the time

gfc follower

Theresa N. said...

It's a hard choice but I'm going with Firehame.
Theresa N

catslady said...

Oh, another hard choice lol. I am going to say Firehame because I know what Dominic can do with fire :) Of course I remain the right to change my mind more than once lol.

gfc follower and email

Rachel V said...

I would like to visit Dreamhame. I like change and the palace chances according to the moods. I read ahead since I am joining late I also know I would like to see Verdanthame. Thanks for this great tour.

Rachel V
pefrw at yahoo dot com

lag123 said...

Dreamhame for me!

lag110 at mchsi dot com

Pam S (pams00) said...

All of the realms sound quite wonderful and I've really enjoyed reading all of the posts and information that Katheryne has shared.

I would pick Dreamhame if I could only choose one.

pams00 at

Magen Weller said...

I know im late, my computer was acting up yesterday, and earlier today :-/ I dont know that I could pick just one, I would prolly have to pick Stonehame if I had no choice, as I love Gems and Crystals of all shapes and forms, colors and sizes! But I also Love Dewhame, as I have always been a water baby, not only am I pisces, but I grew up swimming, and would be completly at home in Dewhame, so perhaps I would visit Stonehame, but stay in Dewhame, lol

Anonymous said...

I think I would like to visit the Dreamhame because I'd like to see how it would constantly change.