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Review: Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness (The Fallen - Book 1) by Cynthia Eden

Publication Date: December 1, 2011
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror
Pages: Paperback, 311pp
ISBN-13: 978-0758242174
ISBN: 0758242174

(Received for an honest review from Kensington Brava)

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Excerpt from Angel of Darkness



Nicole St. James was a nice woman. An innocent, pretty, twenty-something schoolteacher with her life ahead of her. But as the angel of death, it's Keenan's job to take that life away. So when a vampire attacks Nicole, Keenan is not supposed to snap and take out the vampire instead. It cost him his wings - but she's worth it.

Except when Keenan catches up to his pretty schoolteacher, she's not so innocent anymore. Hot red lipstick, tight black shorts and long white fangs - she's ready to kick the asses of anyone who helped turn her into a damn bloodsucker. Unless that ass is unusually shapely and attached to a certain fallen angel. Even with all of heaven and half of hell after them, someone will have to teach Keenan about the fun kinds of sin...


Angel of Darkness is the first book in a new Urban Fantasy series by Cynthia Eden. It is an action packed, love story with a Angel hero and a Vampire heroine. Eden's world building skills shine as The Fallen series takes off at a blistering pace. Paranormal and Urban Fantasy fans will be sated by the large influx of supernatural characters, from shifters and vampires to angels and demons, this book has it all!

This is my first experience with Cynthia Eden's writing and I will have to say the overall I was really impressed. It took a little while to get into Eden's writing style, but once I started to understand how she sequenced things and where she intended to take me, as a reader, I fell in love with the premise and the characters. Eden gives readers a look at what a fallen angel might experience and how the consequences of his actions change not only his life, but the lives of others. It was an incredible ride and I look forward to exploring Eden's writing further.

Keenan is an angel of death. But it's more than just a job, it's his life. He doesn't know anything else. He doesn't experience emotions the same way a human does. He is somewhat disassociated with reality. But, there is just something about Nicole St. James that he can't shake. He is inexplicably drawn to her. At first I was somewhat skeptical as to what made this character so compelling to Keenan. What was different about her? How could she lure a death angel in a different direction? But Eden uses a common scenario to pull that off. You can't really choose who you are attracted to, it just happens and I think that made the whole idea that Keenan could fall for a human woman a lot more realistic to the reader, more believable if you will.

Nicole starts out as a sweet, nice schoolteacher that Keenan can't seem to keep off his mind, but when he touches the vampire intent on killing her instead of  Nicole herself, he sets in motion a chain of events that will change both their lives forever. Nicole becomes a fledgling vampire. She is anything but sweet and adorable when they meet again. She is lusty and sensual and full of deep desires. A lot happens in the interim six months between Keenan's disobedience and their second meeting. He is a fallen angel. She is vampire. Certainly a case of opposites being attracted. Eden gives readers a heroine with an edge. She and Keenan are tough and make an amazing team. She initiates him into some sinful activities and he keeps her safe. As the action roars around them, they come together in a very emotion filled and passionate way.

There is so much action in this book, that the romance between Keenan and Nicole can get a little lost in the shuffle. Eden has created a couple that has a lot of obstacles to their relationship. Just about everybody wants them dead for one reason or another. Some of them want Keenan's blood, as the blood of angel is said to be able to kill demons. Some want Nicole's head on a platter for a murder she committed early in her stage as vampire. There are even other fallen angels out to get them for one reason or another. They don't get a moments rest and neither does the reader. It's a heart pounding thrill ride, but I found myself wishing the ride would slow down just a little bit here and there.

That being said. I thought this was an amazing first book in a series. Eden sets up the world, brings the characters together, fills her world with non-stop action and sets up the rest of the series in one fell swoop. The supporting cast is exceptional including the intrepid Sam, who I have a feeling we will see again in this series. There is a lot of potential with this series and I'm looking forward to more installments. I recommend this one to paranormal and Urban Fantasy readers, it certainly is a whirlwind of a read!

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I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

Cynthia Eden is the RITA-nominated author of the paranormal suspense tales - sensual stories with dark twists. Cynthia has always been intrigued by the supernatural, and she loves to answer "What if" questions in her books. In college, she worked for the school newspaper while she completed her studies in sociology and communication. She freely admits to being a bit of a Lois Lane wannabe. Cynthia lives in the Deep South with her husband and son.

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