Sunday, December 4, 2011

2012 Cozy Mysetry Challenge Sign-Up Page!

Once again, Debbie's Book Bag will be hosting the 2012 Cozy Mystery Challenge! I admit to biting off a little more than I could chew with the 2011 Challenge, but I've decided to give it another go by overhauling the challenge and being a little more pro-active in getting people on board and keeping them interested.

I have added tons of cozy mystery reviews and giveaways to the blog in order to give readers and challenge participants the opportunity to see what's out there as far as cozies are concerned.

I will be designed a button you can use on your blogs to keep track of your progress. I will post it sometime today!


What's a cozy you ask? 

A cozy mystery generally follows a few guidelines:
1) It is clean, no language, very little if any sexual situations, no gore.
2.) Cozies are lighter in nature than a mainstream mystery or thriller. (Readers who loved Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden as young readers will love cozies!)
3.) Cozies usually have a female protagonist by not always (a few are male), who has another day job. 
4.) Cozies are about amateur sleuths, not professionals.
5.) Cozies generally have a small town setting but that's not always the case.

This is just a general description and there are a lot of variations. If a book you want to use for challenge doesn't quite meet the criteria or you aren't sure, just e-mail me and I'll let you know if I think it's a cozy or not.

There will several changes to the challenge this year so PLEASE read the guidelines!

2012 Cozy Mystery Challenge Guidelines

~ Sign-Ups for this challenge will run from December 4, 2011 to February 4, 2012. (This will give those interested two months to sign-up in order to be counted in the challenge)
~ I would prefer participants to subscribe via e-mail or twitter for updates (not required, just handy!)
~ The Challenge will begin on January 1 and run through December 31 of 2012. (Books should be read during this time period)
~ There will be four levels of participation. Each participant MUST choose a level, if they read more that's great... just don't go below the level you choose or I can't count it for the grand prize.

Level 1 Snooper: 1 to 3 Cozy Mysteries
Level 2 Gumshoe: 4 to 6 Cozy Mysteries
Level 3 Private-Eye: 7 to 9 Cozy Mysteries
Level 4 Super Sleuth: 10 to 12 Cozy Mysteries 

~ You do not have to have a blog to participate, but you must choose a place to post your reviews. I must be able to follow your links back to the place where you post your review. You may suggest alternate locations to me and I will decide if they meet the criteria of the challenge. Reviews will be accepted from these locations:

Your blog
Barnes & Noble

~ Participants may read in a variety of different formats: print, audio, e-book, Arc's, library books, books from your own collections. Most anything will count as long as it's a cozy!
~ I have decided NOT to use a Mr. Linky this time. That was just too much juggling since I did not want to purchase a membership. I will be posting a Bi-Monthly post for challenge reviews. (Jan. & Feb., March & April, etc.) Participants will be asked to post a link to any cozy review they posted during each two month period. You don't have to post a link every time and you can catch up at any time if you feel you are behind. 
~ I will be sending out e-mail reminders to challenge participants when the two-month post goes up. Just to help you keep in mind that the challenge is still going on.
 ~ There will be six mini-giveaways through out the year. If you post a review link for a given two month period you will be eligible to win! Prizes will be announced at the time of the mini-giveaway. 
 ~There will also be other mini-challenges and incentives going on throughout the year (For example: Mini Challenge: Read a cozy mystery set during Halloween, Read a cozy mystery will a male protagonist etc.) and there will be prizes for these as well.
~ There will be one grand-prize. Participants who meet the guidelines for their level of participation will be eligible to win the grand prize: A cozy mystery series (Up to Five books). I will also allow some mixing and matching if you would prefer. The winner will be chosen January 1st 2013 and prizes will be mailed out by the middle of the month. I will be using to choose the winner!


I have designed a FORM. That will allow me to keep up with participants, levels, e-mail addresses, winners etc. etc.

To enter the challenge you Must fill out the FORM!

Please fill out the FORM below to be entered in the challenge!


neer said...


I'd love to participate but wanted to know whether this is international.

justpeachy36 said...

The publishers are providing the prizes on this one, so I have to keep it for US and Canadian readers.

You can still sign up, but the prizes can't be shipped to you, but we'd love to see what you are reading and that sort of thing if you are still interested!

neer said...

I am interested but just one more question. Are cross-overs with other challenges allowed?

justpeachy36 said...

Yes! Crossovers are definitely welcome!

dollycas aka Lori said...

I think I filled out the form and don't want to mess you up by doing it again, can you check for me.

Thank you!!

The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

I filled out the form and I'm not sure if I put in my blog. Anyway I did a sign up post here

Can't wait to start, this looks like a great challenge. I wrote down GFC for following, but I now follow with twitter too! Thanks :)

Angela - Bookaunt said...

Hi Debbie - just wanted to make sure you got my info a little while back. I am reading to get some cozies read this year

Carol N Wong said...

I couldn't remember whether or not I signed up on the form or not. I am shooting for the Super Sleuth level-10 to 12 cozies.


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Sounds like a great challenge!
Im going for the Super Sleuth level -
10 to 12 cozies this year!

Kristi said...

Didn't leave a link to my blog post for this challenge on the form -


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to getting started on the challenge. I have a stack of aboout 7 cozies on my night stand ready to go.

Mary (mkdmom) said...

Just found this challenge on Dollycas' blog and signed up. I'm a huge cozy fan so it'll be fun to challenge myself even more.
My January read was Buttercream Bumpoff by Jenn McKinlay which I posted on Goodreads. Thanks for hosting this!