Sunday, April 1, 2012

March - April Mini Challenge

It's time for the March - April Mini Challenge! Those of you who are participating in the 2012 Cozy Mystery Challenge are eligible to participate in the Mini-Challenge. Each two month period I choose a theme for the mini-challenge, usually during the second month. In honor April and April showers, this time the challenge theme will center around water.

Your cozies should have a title with some form of water in the title. It could be rain, it could be water, it could be ice, or even snow, it could even just allude to water or the sea or the shore etc. etc. etc.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Murder on Ice by Alina Adams
Watery Grave by Bruce Alexander
Murder Makes Waves by Anne George
Something in the Water by Charlotte MacLeod
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Beth Sherman

There are tons more than these few titles and I'm looking forward to what you are able to find. 

Please post your links to your reviews on this post by Midnight on April 30th.

Have fun!

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Rachelle21 said...

My book for April is Snow Place to Die by Mary Daheim review is found at