Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's time for another winners post! We have had several giveaways ending in the last little bit here at Debbie's Book Bag. 

There is something I want everyone to keep in mind when entering the giveaway and posting links on other social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. 

There are a few requirements for winning giveaways at Debbie's Book Bag. I've made the rules very clear, but I've noticed a few people are not following some of the them. 

In order to win a giveaway you MUST be a GFC follower or an E-mail subscriber. In the past I have been a little on checking this one, but with so many people entering it has become more important, winners are all chosen via If your number comes up as the winner, I will go back and check to make sure you are a follower in some manner, so don't forget about that. 

When I post giveaways I state the rules, whether is international, Us only or US and Canada only. I state the deadline for entering the giveaway. However, I do keep those giveaways on the sidebar after the closing date, until I have had a chance to chose the winners. That does not mean you still have a chance to win after the entry deadline. If your number comes up, I will check to see if your entry came in before the deadline.

After posting the rules readers will find there are two numerated entry requirements. Number 1 is leaving a comment on the post, not the form. This is very important! I have seen a lot of people who are just filling out the form and that's it. By commenting on the post, the reader is showing the publishers who do come and check, that they are interested in what I have to say. Publishers in turn give me more books to offer as giveaways, if there is enough interest. Not too many comments, not as many books to offer you for giveaway.... savvy? If your number comes up, I will check to see if you've left a comment on the main post.

Last but not least. When you are posting giveaways on your blog, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, please leave the URL for the blog post, NOT the URL for the form only. Because if they only fill out the form, they won't be able to win, because they didn't leave a comment. Make sure you have the link to the post itself and not just the link to the form. 

Sorry for the lecture, but it had to be done! Now on to the good stuff... 

Old Haunts by E.J. Cooperman
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Winner: Angela/griperang

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof by Jacklyn Brady
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Winner: Martha Lawson

Murder Buys a T-shirt by Christy Fifield
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Winner: Mamabunny13

Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Winner: Karen G.

Assassins in Love by Kris DeLake
Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc.
Winners: Lisa Garrett & Yadkny

One Book in the Grave by Kate Carlisle
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Winner: Wendy Newcomb 

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